Sunday, July 17, 2005

About this Blogging Business

So I decided that some housekeeping was in order. 3 months since my 26th birthday and numerous entries later, I realise that I really do enjoy being in the blog business. There's an immense satisfaction whenever I finish an entry and I've found it's a good way to look busy at my desk. Anyway, I figured that if I am to keep doing this on a longer-term basis, I'd make a few minor adjustments:

1. Bigger font - for the benefit of my myopic Singaporean friends. Also because a lot of my entries are quite lengthy and I do intend for you to read them without losing your eyesight. (Somebody give that girl a medal!)

2. More information in the sidebar - tells you much more about me and my current state-of-mind than a self-absorbed "About Me" write-up ever will.

3. Updated photo - Is-she-or-isn't-she? Suitably grainy and pixelated for effect.

4. Different wallpaper - more minimal and less Victorian. Thanks to Blogger's extremely limited range of templates, it was that or the sexually-ambiguous polka dots. Tough.

5. Other corrections - got rid of that date problem. Also tried to keep my casual use of English grammar in check for now. But since the entries aren't strictly chronological (some of these episodes take place more than 2 years back) it's easy to get mixed up. Cut me some slack or go wank off in front of a dictionary for more joy.