Monday, July 04, 2005

I Am Not a Morning Person...

...and I have a particularly adversarial relationship with Monday mornings. So I was not thrilled to wake up to someone sucking relentlessly on my pussy at 6 o clock this morning. I don’t understand the deal with morning sex. My pussy is always dry, the sex is always too hurried, and I have halitosis strong enough to knock out an entire city. Given all of that, I would just rather sleep.

Still, I've found that men tend to like early morning encounters. Raging testosterone levels, morning glories, clean the plumbing – save it, I've heard it before. I'm the one who has to lie there and pretend to enjoy it, remember? Well, no better time for me to compose entries for my blog. You'll be surprised what some sleep deprivation and semi-lubricated sex can do for creativity.