Sunday, August 28, 2005

Second Chances...

...will have to wait till this Tuesday. Yes, my "date" (inasmuch as I believe in "dates" - which is very little) with JP has been postponed. Courtesy of the rising oil prices that could have sparked off civil unrest in Indonesia.

However, it looks like peace has prevailed, which is good (for me - since he heads back to Singapore tomorrow) and bad (for him - no story for the BBC). I can't really pretend I feel too sorry about his situation.

I'm writing this because I recieved such a massive amount of interest (thank you) in the outcome of my meeting with JP that I couldn't really reply to everyone personally. So I thought this was the best way to let everyone know what's been happening.

Since quite a bit of time has elapsed from my last post about JP, I've had time to think of all the things I will NOT do in the context of this "date". Of course the beauty of these rules and resolutions is that a. they're not legally binding and b. there's nothing like the guilty pleasure of breaking all of them, so here they are:

1. I will NOT be too crestfallen if a Nuclear Holocaust breaks out in the next couple of days, millions of people are killed and JP has to cover the story from the frontline, foregoing dinner with me.

2. I will NOT lose patience and stress out about what to wear or the massive pimple beginning to erupt on the right side of my face. But I really hope we are dining by candlelight.

3. I will NOT be silly / giggly / nauseatingly sycophantic like the last time, but will attempt my very best to be cool, calm, collected and in control of all my faculties. Even though I know there is a babbling idiot that lives within me.

4. I will NOT be presumptuous - it is only dinner. So no sexual propositions, no "your place or mine" references, and certainly no whipping out of toys I've stashed in my handbag. Of course I will carry my newly-bought condoms - better safe than sorry!

5. I will NOT commit to anything. Not a relationship. Not children. Not to building a house in the Bahamas. Not yet, anyway. Not unless he asks really really nicely. Hmm...

Okie, glad I got that out of the way! Now, wish me luck - and don't worry, this isn't going to keep me from having fun in the meantime. I'll be writing! :)