Saturday, May 21, 2005

It's Raining Men

And I'm all wet. Damian. Lenny. Ed. Quinn. And possibly Akhil (if I allow myself to return his calls). Damn. Between work, friends and making time for these men, I barely have time for myself i.e. its eating into my gym time. Now there's a tragedy. Contrast this to a few months ago where the Rabbit is my best friend and I actually (very) mildly contemplate visiting one of Singapore's mega-churches with the full intention to meet someone 'nice'. Or shag an ex...just for the sake of research! (Thankfully, I resist.)

Such is the curious ebb and flow of men in my life. Well I'm not complaining. Even if it means that I currently have to do a skanky marathon of getting up in A's bed in the morning, winding up in B's at night and then hopping over to C's the next afternoon, if its a weekend. With lots of showers in between. Not to mention, a big overnight bag with a full change of clothes, including a different set of accessories, shoes and perfume for each new day. All this so that men don't ever see me in the same outfit. And also to escape detection by a particularly sharp-eyed colleague in the office. Hey, its hard work being a sexual athlete.

As for y'all, it means I have lots more stories to tell. And less time to write! But stay tuned anyway... it should be lots of fun.